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about IIIM

Internet Resources

Websites in English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese

Third Millennium Ministries

Our main website is thirdmill.org. This site contains all the content that is also found on all our other websites, offering literally thousands of free online resources. Resources include: books and articles; audio files; a Bible, theology and history Q&A knowledgebase; discussion forums; special sections on Pauline and worship studies; information on our curriculum; and more.

We also provide many articles, books, audio files and other resources in Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese.

We mirror much of the same content on smaller websites designed to serve those who are interested only in a particular kind of content.

Reformed Perspectives Magazine

Our free weekly magazine can be found at reformedperspectives.org. Articles are written primarily by seminary professors, ministers and other seminary graduates, and seminary students. Every issue is archived on the website according to topic. Many are available in multiple formats. Formats include PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF and DOC (Microsoft Word). The magazine has been published since 1998, and the archives contain many hundreds of articles.

Reformed Sermons

Our free audio website is reformedsermons.org. Here we offer literally thousands of audio sermons and lectures in a variety of RealMedia and MP3 encoding rates. Audio files are indexed both by speaker and by Scripture or subject.

Reformed Answers

Over the years we have received and answered thousands of biblical, theological and historical questions from users of our websites. Many hundreds of those questions and answers are cataloged in the database of reformedanswers.org. If you can't find the answer you need, feel free to submit your question to us.

IIIM Reformed Seminary

We produce many Christian education videos every year. Our catalog and details on our multimedia seminary curriculum can be found at reformedseminary.org.