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about IIIM

Strategic Relations

Current cooperative efforts between IIIM and other organizations

The mission of IIIM can best be accomplished by building partnerships with many Christian ministries. We currently have significant ties to the churches, denominations, agencies, missionaries, seminaries, Bible schools and other groups listed below. This list is not exhaustive. Relations are listed in alphabetical order.

Anglican Mission in America

AMiA is a conservative, Bible-believing branch of the Anglican Church under the authority of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. IIIM produced two courses, The Theology of the Word and The Theology of Sacraments, for the Anglican Mission in America’s Anglican Studies Program. These courses are used to train U.S. clergy, and are distributed in various parts of Africa to help train church leaders in the Anglican church of that continent.

Arab World Evangelical Ministers Association

IIIM has direct distribution with AWEMA ministers abroad, and through AWEMA international conferences. AWEMA is the broadest cooperative movement of evangelicals in the Arab world. AWEMA maintains a presence in most Arab countries. The ministry offers training to enhance the effectiveness of indigenous pastors and leaders of Arabic-speaking churches. AWEMA also works with churches to mobilize youth evangelistic teams, and offers training in church planting.

Campus Crusade for Christ

The Campus Crusade for Christ Institute of Biblical Studies, a division of the Campus Crusade for Christ International School of Leadership, currently uses our Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament series for its Old Testament Survey class.

Canada Chinese Evangelical Seminary

Canada Chinese Evangelical Seminary (CCES) is the Chinese campus of Freedom Bible College & Seminary of Canada. CCES awards degrees through its affiliate Vision International University. CCES’s post-graduate program places many students in missions and pastoral positions in the People's Republic of China, and in other Chinese-speaking contexts throughout the world. CCES uses IIIM curriculum in its current courses. Once the IIIM M.A. curriculum has been completed in Chinese, CCES plans to start a new M.A. program based on that curriculum.

Centre for Christian Missions — Zambia, Africa

IIIM has provided curriculum for this Bible school. CCM uses our materials for church leadership training.

China Ministries International

China Ministries International, based in Taiwan, is utilizing our videos and publishing our manuscripts in mainland China. They are using IIIM curriculum in their Masters of Divinity program. CMI is "dedicated to the evangelization of the Chinese people, the kingdomization of the Chinese Church, and the Christianization of Chinese culture through research, training, sending of missionaries and publications." For more than twenty years, CMI has played a major role in the theological training of house church leaders in China, promoting unity and purity among evangelical churches. CMI specializes in the areas of research, theological education, field mission, and publication. They have established seminaries in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. CMI is also an important international leader in defending the faith and religious freedoms with regard to many governments.

China Partnership

The China partnership is a ministry that coordinates outreach efforts in mainland China. This partnership has led to an increased opportunity for distribution of our materials to the neediest church leaders as well as to fundraising opportunities.

Chinese Christianity Network TV

Chinese Christianity Network TV webcasts our curriculum through the internet free of charge to its visitors on its Channel 11. CCN-TV provides Chinese Christian education resources, sermons, music, news, and more online. CCN-TV’s goal is to broadcast via satellite. Their purpose is to share Chinese Christian resources for the growth of the church worldwide.

Chinese House Churches and House Seminaries

Many house (underground) churches and seminaries in the People's Republic of China use IIIM materials to help train their church leadership. House churches in China have grown from small meetings to study centers to seminaries, yet remain without enough qualified teachers at their main seminaries and without a full formal curriculum for their satellite seminary sites. IIIM materials help solve both needs. One such house church/denomination uses IIIM materials at its main seminary and at three satellite sites in mainland China. It is connected with several denominations that account for 929 churches and more the 55,000 members.

Equipping Pastors International

EPI (see also EPI) exists to equip national pastors, church leaders and their spouses around the world, enabling them to equip others for the work of ministry to bring the body of Christ to maturity and unity. EPI does this largely by traveling to third world countries and providing courses in theology, Bible, ethics, and many other subjects. EPI helps to distribute IIIM curriculum.

Evangelical Theological Seminary of Istanbul

IIIM has provided ETSI with several video courses in Turkish. Their church planting efforts in Turkey and Bulgaria are supported by our curriculum.

Far East Broadcasting Company

FEBC broadcasts to half of the world's population using 150 languages. Mandarin (Chinese), Russian and Arabic are among FEBC's prioritized areas of ministry. FEBC reaches over ten million Chinese listeners through its broadcast and website, and has more than 1,000 enrolled in its seminary on the air.

FLET (formerly with LOGOI)

FLET is an accredited seminary with an extensive distance education program throughout Latin America. FLET has used IIIM materials in their program.

Grace Theological College — New Zealand

Grace Theological College was established by a denomination that was growing so quickly, from six to sixteen churches in four years, that it found itself without enough church leaders with suitable training for biblical ministry. GTC uses IIIM curriculum in English, Arabic and Chinese to expand and enrich their pastoral training program.

Jonkman Theological Study Center — Quito, Ecuador

The Jonkmans are missionaries who are pastoring a church and establishing a theological study center in Quito, Ecuador. The Jonkman’s study center is supplementing its resources with IIIM curriculum.

Logos Global Network

LGN ministers worldwide through Christian education, missions, and humanitarian ministries. They are using IIIM curriculum in two areas. Logos Christian College & Graduate Schools is incorporating our curriculum in its distance education program. And LGN’s overseas mission efforts include distributing IIIM curriculum to indigenous Christian educational institutions.

Miami International Seminary

MINTS professors travel to foreign lands to teach students in their own culture, in both urban and jungle locations. MINTS’ goal is to provide mentorship, skills development and contextualization, in order to establish study centers that will grow into indigenous seminaries. MINTS uses IIIM materials as a part of their curriculum.

Mission to the World

MTW is a division of the Presbyterian Church in America. Many MTW missionaries use IIIM materials in their church-planting ministries abroad.

Monterey Project – Mexico

The Monterey Project is a church planting organization in northern Mexico, which has used IIIM materials in its ministry.

National Presbyterian Church of Mexico

IIIM has provided video curriculum to pastors through Moisés Zapata, the Chairman of NPCM’s Christian Education Department.

Operation Serve International

OSI works extensively in Egypt, Mexico, and Morocco. IIIM currciculum is used by the leadership training arm of the ministry, the Oasis Leadership Institute. In Egypt alone, over 1,000 Egyptian pastors, ministers, missionaries, potential ministers and lay church leaders are trained annually. The Oasis Leadership Institute partners with organizations such as Logos Global Network’s Logos College to provide formal graduate training for the national pastors and church leaders throughout the Arab world.

Seminario Teológico Presbiteriano "San Pablo" — Merida, Mexico

IIIM provides curriculum for various classes at Seminario Teológico Presbiteriano "San Pablo". Their professors also edit and translate for IIIM.

Siberian Mission

Siberian Mission, directed by Dr. Michael Meagher, uses IIIM curriculum in its course study.

Ukrainian Biblical Seminary

Ukrainian Biblical Seminary has more than 125 students. It has served as the main distribution point for our Russian materials. Our curriculum has been adopted by the seminary and is used in their leadership training.