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about IIIM

The Solution

A Globally Distributed, Free, Multilingual, Multimedia, Digital Seminary Curriculum

All Things to All Men

Gutenberg Press The apostle Paul wrote, "I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some" (1 Cor. 9:22). Centuries later, the early Protestant Reformers followed Paul's example by using the cutting-edge technology of the moveable-type printing press to spread the gospel and to teach the ways of Christ.

Third Millennium Ministries seeks to follow the example of Paul and the Reformers by utilizing modern technology and teaching devices to bring advanced Christian education to underprivileged nations.

Globally Distributed

Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum is currently distributed in North, Central and South America; Asia; Europe; Africa; Australia; and the Middle East. Further distribution avenues are regularly sought and pursued. Third Millennium Ministries employs a variety of methods to distribute materials.

Satellite Dish


The multimedia curriculum is distributed free of charge for overseas use in emerging and underprivileged countries. Production and distribution are funded primarily (about 95%) by donations from churches, foundations, businesses and individuals.


View sample curriculum in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish
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View sample curriculum in English
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View sample video screen shots

Third Millennium Ministries strives to produce theologically astute and culturally sensitive translations. Our translators are native speakers in each of our five target languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin (Chinese), and Arabic. All our translation teams include translators who remain in their native cultural contexts. Voiceovers are done by native speakers with neutral accents.

Third Millennium Ministries has field tested and distrubuted its curriculum all over the world. All the reviews have been highly positive. To our knowledge, Third Millennium Ministries is the only ministry producing and distributing accreditable seminary-level video courses for the training of indigenous pastors in their native languages.


Adults learn more effectively through interactive, varied media. Audio-visual formats make difficult concepts easier to understand, and enhance the usefulness of accompanying written materials. Written materials aid memory and retention by providing additional ways for students to interact with the concepts in the videos, and by helping students apply these concepts in new ways.

Accordingly, Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum is built around video presentations, and is supported by printed materials and internet resources.


Universal media formats and the internet make multimedia curricula extremely portable. CD-ROMNot only can indigenous churches and leaders make continued independent use of multimedia materials, but they can also copy and disseminate them with relative ease.

Third Millennium Ministries publishes its curriculum resources in a variety of formats, including DVD, VCD, VHS, print, audio, websites, and electronic documents. VHS tapes are available in multiple video formats, including NTSC, PAL, PAL-M and PAL-N.