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Video Presentations

Audio-visual formats make difficult concepts easier to understand


View sample curriculum in English
320 x 240 pixels (7 MB)
160 x 120 pixels (2 MB)

View sample curriculum in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish
320 x 240 pixels (5 MB)
160 x 120 pixels (2 MB)

Our initial curriculum will be a two-year Master of Arts degree program consisting of 54 credit hours. The video portion of each credit hour will consist of 10 real-time hours of video instruction.

Because our videos are tightly scripted, each video hour contains approximately two to three times the content of an average live classroom hour. Thus, schools implementing the curriculum may determine to offer additional credit, or to require less work outside the classroom.

Once the initial curriculum has been completed, optional supplementary courses will be added to it.


Video hours are divided between multimedia lectures and corresponding faculty discussion forums. Multimedia lectures are filled with artwork, charts, maps, graphics and b-roll, as well as live action of the professor. Printed materials, such as study guides and reading assignments, supplement the video lessons.

Faculty discussion forums are question and answer sessions with students. Each session is led by the featured teacher from the multimedia lecture, or by a highly qualified moderator. Predominantly, English forums are led by the featured teacher, whereas forums in other languages are led by moderators.