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IIIM Seminary Curriculum

Most pastors in the world have no theological education and no way to obtain one. Third Millennium Ministries is working to meet this need by creating and distributing a high-quality, multimedia seminary curriculum in the major languages of underprivileged nations: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), and Russian.

Cross Read more about this need and our specific approach to a solution.

seminary in a boxOur goal is to provide masters-level instruction in three stages, corresponding to a 27-credit certificate curriculum, a 54-credit M.A. curriculum, and a 67.5-credit M.Div. academic core curriculum. Our existing catalog of materials is currently used in: North, Central and South America; Europe; Asia; Africa; the Middle East; and Australia. Free video and audio downloads are available for some lessons.

Our president and all our featured teachers are seminary professors from accredited seminaries. All our lessons are approved by our Academic Review Board (ARB), consisting of Ph.D.s and Th.D.s with expertise in the fields covered by our curriculum. Many of our staff members, from our writers and editors to our multimedia designers, are seminary professors, graduates or students. Every one of our teachers, staff members and ARB members is a committed Evangelical Christian.

Third Millennium Ministries is a publisher, not an educational institution. We do not conduct courses with students, and we do not offer degrees.