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seminary curriculum

Projected Curriculum Outline

Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum is a work in progress that will be completed in three stages:

Stage 1 — Certificate
A 27-credit 1-year curriculum suitable for a certificate in Christian ministry.
Stage 2 — M.A.C.M.
A 27-credit addition to the certificate curriculum to form a 54-credit 2-year curriculum suitable for an M.A. in Christian ministry.
Stage 3 — M.Div. core
A 13.5-credit addition to the M.A. curriculum to round out the 2.5-year academic core of an M.Div. program. Seminaries will be able to add their own practicum and languages courses to this core to create their own 3-year M.Div. programs.

Below is our projected curriculum. Courses (e.g., Bible Survey) are divided into their constituent multimedia series (e.g., Kingdom, Covenant & Canon of the Old Testament). Series that are currently available are linked to detailed descriptions. Courses that contain currently available series link to course descriptions

Certificate in Christian Ministry (27 credits)

M.A.C.M (27 additional credits)

M.Div. Core (13.5 additional credits)