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Strength and Growth of the Church Worldwide

Christís church crosses all borders, ethnicities and cultures. It is Christ's bride, Godís kingdom, and your body. Our goal at Third Millennium Ministries is to build God's kingdom by strenthening the church through the training of its leadership.

Ongoing Work of Third Millennium Ministries

Professors, Writers and Content — Training church leaders around the world through Third Millennium Ministries' multimedia curriculum begins with clear and sound teaching.

Production — In every langauge our designers, technicians and engineers contribute greatly to the effectiveness of our curriculum.

Translators — We have translation teams around the world that work on our curriculum and web content. Some translators and their families face hardships because they live in areas that require significant sacrifice.

Distribution and Use of Curriculum — Third Millennium Ministries' multimedia seminary curriculum is distributed primarily through our network of strategic relations and through undocumented reproduction in the field. Our progress report lists our best estimate of documented reproductions. We have no estimates on undocumented reproduction in the field, but verbal reports indicate that it is substantial.

Funding — Our ministry to church leaders around the world depends on those who share in the vision and support the mission. What we do would not be possible without the prayers and financial support of our fellow Christians.

Current Situation at Third Millennium Ministries

Faculty Forums — We have begun full-scale production of faculty forums to accompany our multimedia lessons. Faculty forums are video Q&A sessions that aid teachers and spur students to delve further into the subjects treated in our multimedia lessons. Eventually, each multimedia lesson will be accompanied by a faculty forum.

Arabic Lessons — We are revising our Arabic lessons in order to appeal to the widest audience possible.

Transition into New Facilities — Every office in our old space was being shared by at least two staff members. So, in order to make room for the additional staff, we moved into a larger facility.

Ministry Personnel — We have been increasing our production staff in order to establish a second English production team, and to speed non-English production.

Additional Languages — There are a number of Christians outside our office who are converting our curriculum into languages other than our five target languages. These additional languages include Amharic (Ethiopia), Farsi (Iran), French, Mongolian and Turkish.